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Year One. Check.

by Tessa on April 23, 2014

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Freshmen year –> over! Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I was in 5th grade playing doll house pretending the dolls were huge college students and talking about how one day I would be there. For the dolls, college was a musical (literally), with boys galore (obviously), and no homework (why would it be any different?), and parties every weekend (everyday actually). If I were to calculate the accuracy of my imaginings, I probably had about 10% of it right… haha! While college isn’t the musical I imagined, there has been a lot of “Frozen” rock-out sessions (but hasn’t it been the same for everyone?). We’ll skip the boy topic and move on to the “no homework”, how beautiful that would have been! But library sessions until closing time did happen on more than just a few occasion (at least they play Tarzan music at closing times… obviously that’s the real reason I stayed). My doll house fantasies were accurate when it came to making fantastic friends, however! Especially in Student Government which has been the highlight of my semester (I’d recommend getting involved to anyone and everyone). So in short, college has been marvelous, exciting, and incredibly stressful! So of course I’m incredibly sad to leave but also excited for a break.

Anyway, note on the random photos: I was in a photography class with an assignment to play with lighting but I didn’t understand anything so I made (actually he volunteered) my friend James teach me the reins. I started out behind the camera but ended up in front of it–per usual.

Also, side note number two: you can follow me on instagram @deartessalynn. I frequent instagram far more than my blog these days.

Anyyyway, how are all of you doing!? What’s going on in your lives?

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It’s 1am. I’ve wandered over to this little forgotten blog of mine after creating a LinkedIn Profile for my Intro to Business class. I’ve been scrolling through past posts and I miss this place. I miss this writing. I miss sharing my life. Mostly I miss the life I used to share. I miss the melodic sound of clicking keys as my personal thoughts roam from my head, through my veins, out my fingertips, and onto the screen. I miss writing my own thoughts and feelings, not assigned thoughts like english papers or math project analyses. College is wonderful but it doesn’t quite compare to the lavender fields or cherry stands in Provence. Cafeteria food doesn’t quite taste  like Spanish churros dipped in rich dark chocolate or French pastries peppered in soft powder. The wind is strong in Idaho but it isn’t the same Spanish coastal wind that’s filled with moisture and the ocean scent. I miss hearing languages I don’t understand. My thoughts should be on my work but Wanderlust has grasped me by the throat and is seeping through my skin and running heavily through my veins.
I think it’s just late. And I’m tired. And I’ve simply exhausted myself for the day.
However, before I go, I thought I’d share some pictures a talented friend took a few days ago (for old times sake). This is a new phase of my life now. And it truly is a beautiful life. Each day there are so many things to be grateful for, like the sky when it’s a deep rich blue and the random smile from a stranger. Most days are wonderful, tonight my thoughts are simply stuck in the abandoned castles of the Catalunya countryside in Spain and with the goats that roam around old french barns tucked between the luscious green pyrenees in France. I’ll go there in my dreams tonight and tomorrow will be a beautiful new day.
Goodnight world, sleep well. And dream of wonderful things.

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by Tessa on June 5, 2013

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Segovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightSegovia, Spain at NightThere’s so much that goes on in life. There’s so much to get done, so much hustling around and worrying about how we’ll finish all the tasks that lay before us. Sometimes, we just need to slow down, take a breather, and remember how stinkin’ beautiful the world is and how blessed we are to live in it! My peaceful moments normally occur at night. Living in a big city, there are lights everywhere at night which would suggest noise and movement but sometimes, its the opposite: it’s perfectly still and quiet. It doesn’t matter if there are 1000 people out walking around at night or if there’s only 1, the street lights will always click on at their designated time; however, sometimes I like to pretend they click on for me. Especially on rainy nights, when the streets are desolate, I pretend the street, the lights, even the night and its beauty belongs to me. We have a fantastic view of the city from our apartment so sometimes, late at night, when all the lights in our own flat are out and everyone’s asleep, I like to sit on our porch in the crisp night air and just admire this city, the moon, the city lights, and the Sagrada Familia all lit up. Time seems to stand still, if only for a moment, but that moment is all I need to relax, recharge, and prepare myself for another busy day.


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The Sun and its Rays

by Tessa on May 17, 2013

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CarcassonneBecause how could you ever have a bad day when the sun’s always there, tucked behind your ear, waiting for you to wrap yourself in its rays!?

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The Best Kind of Dates

by Tessa on May 16, 2013

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Ice Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream DateIce Cream Date
The best kind of dates are ice cream dates. They mean playing with your food. They’re walks through the city. They occur on warm sunny days. They’re hours long. They don’t end until your feet hurt. They’re spontaneous. They include popcorn. They result in laughter. They’ll be memories you look back on with fondness. The best kind of dates are sister dates.


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Oh Spring, You are Lovely and Fine

by Tessa on May 13, 2013

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On a walk up a hill, whereupon there was a castle I was determined to explore, I saw these little beauties blowing in the wind. Their colors, so bright and happy, brought me so much joy! How glad I am that the (seemingly) long winter has come to an end and let us out of its grip, and now here we find ourselves deep into spring and on our way towards summer! How wonderful is the breeze that spring brings! How marvelous are the birds whose chirping wakes me up in the morning! How splendid are the rich colors both above and below, in the trees and on the flowers. Spring, the rebirth of nature, has also brought a rebirth in me. I’m so glad to have shed my coats and awakened from the winter haze! I’m filled with a burning passion to get up, step out my front door, and go out and explore the world while it’s ripe and filled with new life and color! Spring, my dear friend, you are lovely and fine and I’m so glad that you’re mine; stay a little, won’t ya?.


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Sunsets on the FreewaySunsets on the FreewaySunsets on the FreewaySunsets on the Freeway

It’s the little things that make this world such a beautiful place.

Sunsets over the freeway after a long road trip.

The wind that blows your hair across your face.

When it’s warm enough to leave your sweater at home.

A smile from a stranger.

Birds outside your window in the morning.

Old couples holding hands.

The leaves on the trees for spring and the smell of citrus blossoms.

The sound of crashing waves.

The smell of rain.

Going somewhere new; and there will always be new places to go, new people to meet, new things to try.

This world is grand and beautiful.


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A Beautiful Beginning to This Week

by Tessa on April 23, 2013

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A Lavender Sea This sunny April week has begun on a beautiful note. Why you ask? For many reasons but these are just a few favorites.
1. Noticing that the trees have decided to grow some vibrant green leaves. Thank you Primavera!
2. The old women outside the neighborhood old folks home wearing her bright purple tights today. You’re never too old for some color.
3. The two old men who were wheeling some sort of accordion/piano attached to a cart through the street and giving a performance to the people leaning out their windows, listening, and throwing coins for them to collect! First time I’ve seen such an enterprise and I was smiling for a while afterward.
4. The Catalan holiday, Sant Jordi, that took place today. It’s similar to Valentines Day but like infinity times more adorable!!! All throughout the city, there were flower and book venders set up because the tradition is for a man to give a rose to the woman he loves and for her to give a book to him in return. It made me so happy to see men walking around with flowers to give to their loved one and woman who had already received theirs! The Ramblas and city center were more crowded today than I have ever seen them!! Love was in the air and everywhere<3
5. Going through our pictures from our trip to the Pyrenees last week, particularly Andorra and France, and dreaming of the lush green hills. The photo above is from our trip and I can’t wait to share more with you guys!
And your week has begun… !?
Tessa Lynn


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A Spanish Christmas

by Tessa on December 20, 2012

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Barcelona Christmas Lights In Spain, or at least Barcelona, Christmas decor and lights aren’t strung on peoples’ apartments but hung across the streets. Every street has different lights; it’s like community christmas decor!! Fun, right?Barcelona Christmas LightsBarcelona Christmas LightsBarcelona Christmas Lights My favorite time to be out and about in the city is at night. Eeeeveryone comes out at night… Maybe they’re all nocturnal. Anyways, it’s like a big party from 6pm to 10pm and everyone’s invited!!Barcelona Christmas LightsBarcelona Christmas Lights

Barcelona Christmas LightsBarcelona Christmas Lights As they say it here, Bones Festes!!

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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denim on denim denim on denim This is the first in the series of pieces about my daily life in Barcelona. I frequently go to the Barcelona Public Library to do my online schoolwork and while there, I take the elevator up three flights. I have found that the epitome of awkwardness occurs in an elevator. We all know elevators are awkward, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. I’ve decided that there is a perfect number of elevator riders for an elevator to be less awkward: 1, or 4. Obviously, one is ideal; it’s just you and the empty space.
Two is the ultimate awkwardness. At the library you just stand there in the elevator and you both stare at the sign that shows what floor you’re on and act like you’re busy finding something in your bag or drinking water and what not. For example, I was in the elevator today with a middle aged guy who had the day before asked me to watch his computer as he went to the bathroom (I’ll be honest: I didn’t understand what he said until after he walked away). After we half smiled at each other in recognition (I guess) it was silent. The seconds ticked by slowly. At our apartment, in contrast, if you end up in the elevator with someone else, it wouldn’t normally be so awkward because the people are so friendly BUT the fact that they’re friendly in Spanish (and um… I’m not so fluent) isn’t very ideal. I don’t always want to reveal that I’m not super fluent in Spanish so I just cross my fingers that they say simple things and when I don’t understand, I’ll smile and say or no sé. 
Now, three people in the elevator is just as awkward, and five people gets too crowded; BUT, four people in an elevator is much better because there’s enough people that the silence isn’t as awkward and it’s not as crowded either!
After having thoroughly pondered this topic (as you can tell) I came up with five ways to make an elevator ride less awkward:
1) Keep a smile on your face. It’ll quickly relieve any awkward tension… possibly.
2) Be brave and say something! Give a compliment; they’re easy and everyone likes them.
3) Too shy? Bring a book and act engaged before you even get in the elevator.
4) Make life a little funnier by making the situation even more awkward! This guy has got is down!
5) Or you can just take the stairs.
Well… now I have to take my own advice (and take the stairs hahahahahah). Any other suggestions?

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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