A Baguette Bigote

by Tessa on June 7, 2013

in Culture, Trips & Travels

Bigote/MustacheBigote/Mustache One my favorite things about traveling is the food. I just love food. The bread and the pastries in France are scrumptious! I was spoiled afterwards; anytime I have a pastry now, I compare it to the ones in France! Terrible, but true. Spain, however, is known for its paella and tapas, which are out of this world! And when we were cruising’ down the Danube last year, the food was equally as unique and delicious. Also, I do have to give props to my home country, America, for its burgers. You cannot find a burger in Spain that compares to deliciousness of In-n-Out, Islands, Five Guys, and the list goes on. Oh, and I’m a huge mexican food fan as well! I’ll take a fish burrito or cheese enchilada any day!
Often, when we’re on the road, we’ll grab a baguette (which sounds a little like bigote, Spanish for mustache) and humus and chow down; it’s a tradition now and one I’m in favor of:) I’d love love love to travel to India and Asia and so many other countries and experience the food and culture there as well. India is currently at the TOP of my bucket list! Where’ve you been, what’ve you eaten and loved? Any local places you love too?

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