Year One. Check.

by Tessa on April 23, 2014

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Freshmen year –> over! Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I was in 5th grade playing doll house pretending the dolls were huge college students and talking about how one day I would be there. For the dolls, college was a musical (literally), with boys galore (obviously), and no homework (why would it be any different?), and parties every weekend (everyday actually). If I were to calculate the accuracy of my imaginings, I probably had about 10% of it right… haha! While college isn’t the musical I imagined, there has been a lot of “Frozen” rock-out sessions (but hasn’t it been the same for everyone?). We’ll skip the boy topic and move on to the “no homework”, how beautiful that would have been! But library sessions until closing time did happen on more than just a few occasion (at least they play Tarzan music at closing times… obviously that’s the real reason I stayed). My doll house fantasies were accurate when it came to making fantastic friends, however! Especially in Student Government which has been the highlight of my semester (I’d recommend getting involved to anyone and everyone). So in short, college has been marvelous, exciting, and incredibly stressful! So of course I’m incredibly sad to leave but also excited for a break.

Anyway, note on the random photos: I was in a photography class with an assignment to play with lighting but I didn’t understand anything so I made (actually he volunteered) my friend James teach me the reins. I started out behind the camera but ended up in front of it–per usual.

Also, side note number two: you can follow me on instagram @deartessalynn. I frequent instagram far more than my blog these days.

Anyyyway, how are all of you doing!? What’s going on in your lives?

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