The Whole Moving Business

by Tessa on July 24, 2013

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packing painsSo we flew out of Barcelona to California almost  2 weeks ago and you know, it’s kind of a pain to pack everything you have and abide by certain weight limits. I spent hours weighing and re-weighing my suitcase, transferring my stuff among my bags or into other someone else’s bag and then lying prostrate on the ground for lengthy stretches of time. I’m so glad that’s all behind me!! Anyways, the above photo was taken at 2am the day before we left, well I should say the day we left. My sister was all packed and ready to go a few days prior but I hadn’t even started because it meant admitting to myself that we were leaving!
packing painsSomehow we pulled it all together and were out the door, at our designated “departure time” with 15 bags in a range of sizes all in tow. It was depressing to see our pre-furnished apartment void of any sign that we had actually lived there.
our Barcelona home
Adios Barcelona!When we first arrived in Spain, my dad and I picked this door off the street (people do that often, okay? It’s not weird.) and we chalkboard painted it. It was sentimental. But in the end we had to return it to the street in hopes that someone would come across this beauty and treasure it like I had. Taking it down 8 flights of stairs (it doesn’t fit in the elevator) and leaving it on the street was like my official Adios and Thank you to Barcelona for being such a wonderful home!
Adios Barcelona!
airplaneWe got to the airport on time buuuut it took us close to an hour at the check-in counter because they weighed all of our carry-ons as well as our check-ins and there were some weight limit troubles (GAH!). Nevertheless, we did NOT miss our flight! We got there just as they were loading the last passengers! Hurrah!! I’ll have to tell you about when we DID miss our connecting flight on our way to Budapest, Hungary.
Berlin, Germany airportSide note, I swear there’s a technique to dressing for the airport. Some people look insanely comfortable and adorable at the same time. How do they do it!? My modo is if I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it to bed, I’m not going to wear it to the airport. Anyways, our first flight was only 2 hours from Barcelona to Berlin but as we took off, it started to rain; Barcelona was bidding us farewell! We and our beautiful city were sad to part ways.
Berlin, GermanyWe had a 13 hour layover in Germany; to be more specific, it was an overnight layover!! The Berlin airport was a small one and when we found out that the only terminal open overnight had about 5 benches, all of which were metal, we weren’t particularly overjoyed. To pass time, my dad, brother, and I left the airport and took ourselves on a little 2am walk around Berlin. The airport was on the outskirts of Berlin so it was more like a nature walk, but still beautiful.
Berlin, GermanyBefore the airport closed, and the last few flights were still coming in, we met the nicest man EVER. He was holding a bouquet of roses (which we later found at were for his mother!) but he set them down and played soccer with a bouncy ball with my brother for 45 mins. When his mother arrived and we began talking to him and he found out our situation, he was ernest that we come and stay at his apartment! We actually thought about it but his car was small and his mother was against the plan so in the end we all ended up sleeping on those metal benches even if it wasn’t the most enjoyable. Nevertheless, that guy was the nicest person; he gave my dad his email and asked us to email him when we got home and were safe!
airport sleeping
airport sleeping
airport sleepingThe terminal was also open to the public all night so there were some hobos camped out in the corners, one even had a cot all set up for himself! He had it down. On our benches, we were miserable and we grumbled about how our 9am flight felt like a lifetime away but these photos crack us up now!!
airport sleepingFinally, FINALLY, we boarded the plane and it was a looooooong flight.
Newport Beach, CAAnd we’re back in California now!! We’ve spent the past week soaking in the heat of a familiar sun and squishing our toes in the California sand that reminds me of my childhood. I could sit with closed eyes and listen to the tide roll in and out for hours. And for now, I will.
Newport Beach, CA
Newport Beach, CAI love California and I love Barcelona and I love that they’re so different. It’s definitely been a cultural shock; and I still want to start speaking in Spanish all the time!! Hah. It’s been exciting to be home in California and be with friends and family but it’s hard to be away from Barcelona which had become home. But home is relative. Home is where you’re with family. And I thank Barcelona for bringing me closer to my family. We’re actually moving to Utah now because that’s what my family does, move around and find adventures in many different places:) I’m excited to see what adventures Utah will bring and what people we’ll meet. Then I’m off to BYU Idaho in September and it’ll be the beginning of the adventures I’ll have on my own. In short, this is a big transition period, but change is always welcome; change brings growth and insight and I’m always open to that!

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Damaris July 30, 2013 at 8:53 am

Oh! Sorry to hear that you have left us (well, Barcelona :P) !! Sure the city will come along in any of your future adventures. I have laughed with the door anecdote, as it may sound weird in some places, as you say, here it is quite usual to take and leave furniture in the street; a second life for them :) Love that you wrote a message on it. And sorry about the plane delays! Wish you the best in Utah!

The cat, you and us

Tessa July 30, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Thank you! I’ll miss Barcelona dearly but I plan on returning not just once but many times, as it’s become another home:)

Lisa @ Making Lifes Lemons July 25, 2013 at 7:46 pm

OH Traveling adventures! There are always frustrating times, but they do make for great stories!

xo Lisa
Making Life’s Lemons

Sara Strauss July 24, 2013 at 10:37 pm

It sucks that you left Barcelona, but it looks like you have a fun adventure ahead of you! I know how it feels to sleep in an airport. On my way home from Israel, the plane that was supposed to be at an airport in Kiev was still in NY, so we had to wait 10 hours for the plane to arrive and then 9 hours on the actual plane. It sucked!

Tessa July 24, 2013 at 11:15 pm

How frustrating!! I hope they gave you lots of vouchers for something like that!!

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