Oh Spring, You are Lovely and Fine

by Tessa on May 13, 2013

in Daily Life

On a walk up a hill, whereupon there was a castle I was determined to explore, I saw these little beauties blowing in the wind. Their colors, so bright and happy, brought me so much joy! How glad I am that the (seemingly) long winter has come to an end and let us out of its grip, and now here we find ourselves deep into spring and on our way towards summer! How wonderful is the breeze that spring brings! How marvelous are the birds whose chirping wakes me up in the morning! How splendid are the rich colors both above and below, in the trees and on the flowers. Spring, the rebirth of nature, has also brought a rebirth in me. I’m so glad to have shed my coats and awakened from the winter haze! I’m filled with a burning passion to get up, step out my front door, and go out and explore the world while it’s ripe and filled with new life and color! Spring, my dear friend, you are lovely and fine and I’m so glad that you’re mine; stay a little, won’t ya?.

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Rachel May 14, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Lovely, lovely flowers. Oh I love spring.

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