French Castles and Fantastic Hair days

by Tessa on April 30, 2013

in France, Trips & Travels

Carcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleIn Carcassonne, there was a breathtaking castle that was mostly built in the 12th century but contained a wall built by the Romans in the 1st century. I believe that’s accurate. You can wiki it;) When we drove into Carcassonne, we were astonished at how gorgeous it was (both during the day and at night) and how almost out of place it seemed!! Carcassonne CastleCarcassonne Castle It looks like a medieval Disneyland, does it not?Carcassonne CastleUnforuntly, we didn’t have as good of weather the second day in Carcassonne when we went to explore the castle but luckily I was having a fantastic hair day!! Right!?;)Carcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleMy mom and I have a thing for both French rooftops and the strikingly gorgeous stained glass windows in French cathedrals. I checked the listings in a realty shop as we were walking through the streets, but alas there weren’t any cathedrals for sale!Carcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleAnd oh how I love graveyards (as previously mentioned here and here) though I cannot clue you in on why. Perhaps it’s the calm beauty about them; maybe it’s the stillness or the air of peace.Carcassonne CastleCarcassonne CastleCarcassonne Castle My family and I joke that I look like the angel of death. Perfect that I’m in a graveyard, yes? Well, I would much rather have Death come for me in a hot pink coat then a black one, the idea of death would seem more . . .  pleasant.

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