Remembering Carcassonne, France

by Tessa on April 27, 2013

in France, Trips & Travels

CarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonne^Because it’s really fun when your camera is on autofocus and it decides to focus on the tree branches.CarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneCarcassonneI’ve been thinking about this little blog of mine and how grateful I am that I started it.  Photos hold so many memories within them.  Each time I look back at these photos, I can remember the moment I took them, how I felt, where we were, and what was going on in that moment.  There was a marvelous sunset in Carcassonne, and the rays felt so refreshing on my face.  I remember calling my dad over to snap a photo of the sun’s light on my face in the first photo and him pointing out how beautiful the sun looked on the Cathedral in the second photo.  I remember keeping the camera from my dad so I could snap photos of all the shutters in Carcassonne and running to catch up with my family each time I fell behind.  I remember waiting for the french kid who kept saying “cheese” and jumping in front of my camera to pass so I could snap the 6th photo.  I remember the excitement I felt when we came through an alley onto a main street and I saw the gorgeous sunset (last photo) and the gourgeous pink light it cast on the buildings.  I’ve never liked keeping a journal and I’ve always been terrible at it. When I was little, I thought the point was to never miss a day so whenever I did, I’d rip out the previous pages in my journal and start over.  I want to go back and shake that little girl and say no! no! no! don’t you dare do that!! But I’m grateful for this little online journal of mine (much more fun than a notebook) and that I can go back and look through all the adventures I’ve been on with my family this year!!

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