On the Road to France…

by Tessa on April 24, 2013

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On the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to FranceOn the Road to France Oh the green of the rolling hills,
Oh the wind that plays with your hair,
Oh the sky that mirrors my eyes,
Oh the the road to France!
You’re a beauty at first glance.
Yes, I did just write that in 2 seconds and yes, I am an aspiring poet. And yes, of course you can have my autograph if you really want it!
Anyways, enough about me!!  Let’s talk about road trips.  Once upon a time, they were the last thing you ever wanted to do as a child.  It meant sharing a seat with someone that was breathing your air.  It meant a dispute over where the middle of the car bench was and how someones toe was crossing it.  It meant car sick children, which I will inform you is contagious, almost as contagious as chicken pox.  There were rare occasions when great memories were formed on road trips; like the time when three letter animal names suddenly became the funniest thing on the planet and just saying them would cause new outbursts of laughter or when there was a whole season of The Simpsons, hours of pure entertainment.  However, it wasn’t until we moved to Europe that I learned that road trips can be wonderful things, not because it doesn’t matter where the middle of the bench is anymore but because looking out the window is like flipping through a National Geographic Magazine.  On our road trip to France, it didn’t matter how many hours it would take to get to our destination, it was honestly about the journey.  The snow capped mountains, the water falls, the small towns with a population of 17, the lush green valleys were beyond beautiful.  After driving through the desert just north of Las Vegas or coming through the putrid turkey farms outside of the grapevine in California so many times, I had the belief that road trips were just something to be endured.  But woah.  I was wrong.  So wrong.  So I bless you France, for changing my perception and showing me that this world is a beautiful place and a drive can be a marvelous thing.
Tessa Lynn

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Sara Strauss April 25, 2013 at 2:57 am

These pictures are lovely! They capture the sense of adventure and travel through all the open space in these pictures! All I can think, Look at all the places they can explore! Wonderful!

Marlen April 25, 2013 at 1:08 am

Oh wow Tessa,these pictures are SO pretty! I felt like I was in a scene in Les Miserables, especially with the hills and the church peaks. I really liked the picture of the water fall too, it made me feel like I was right there in the country side with you.

And I always felt the same way with road trips, but I think that’s only when we’re in America haha. Like I CANNOT wait to get out of the car. But when I was in India I’d literally take 20 hour trains and it’d fly by. When you’re somewhere new absolutely everything is fascinating :)

xo Marlen
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