A Beautiful Beginning to This Week

by Tessa on April 23, 2013

in Daily Life, Spain

A Lavender Sea This sunny April week has begun on a beautiful note. Why you ask? For many reasons but these are just a few favorites.
1. Noticing that the trees have decided to grow some vibrant green leaves. Thank you Primavera!
2. The old women outside the neighborhood old folks home wearing her bright purple tights today. You’re never too old for some color.
3. The two old men who were wheeling some sort of accordion/piano attached to a cart through the street and giving a performance to the people leaning out their windows, listening, and throwing coins for them to collect! First time I’ve seen such an enterprise and I was smiling for a while afterward.
4. The Catalan holiday, Sant Jordi, that took place today. It’s similar to Valentines Day but like infinity times more adorable!!! All throughout the city, there were flower and book venders set up because the tradition is for a man to give a rose to the woman he loves and for her to give a book to him in return. It made me so happy to see men walking around with flowers to give to their loved one and woman who had already received theirs! The Ramblas and city center were more crowded today than I have ever seen them!! Love was in the air and everywhere<3
5. Going through our pictures from our trip to the Pyrenees last week, particularly Andorra and France, and dreaming of the lush green hills. The photo above is from our trip and I can’t wait to share more with you guys!
And your week has begun… !?
Tessa Lynn

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deana April 24, 2013 at 2:24 am

The Catalan Holiday sounds a lot better than Valentines Day! <3
have a lovely week!
-Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

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