A Little Late for V-Day!?

by Tessa on April 10, 2013

in Friends, Spain

HeartsLast week, my close friend, Caitlin, flew in for her spring break and we walked through the city, in and out of Cathedrals and shoe shops, snapping photos and laughing ’till we were too tired to continue! Since it was my second time having a friend visit, I was a more experienced tour guide and couldn’t wait to play the role again!!HeartsHeartsHeartsWhen Caitlin came, she brought me the cutest pair of red heart tights (which are right up my alley)! So, although V-day was quite a few weeks ago, why not wear hearts because you’re with someone important to you and maybe if they love ya back then they’ll wear heart tights too!! And you can be the cutest of friends <<heartsHeartsHeartsHeartsHeartsHeartsHeartsSince we’re on the theme of love and friendship . . .  I’m grateful for friends like Caitlin, who can be either really serious or outright goofy (like me). Who are up for anything and willing to go anywhere and try new things. Who will spin and twirl in museums with you until you’re kicked out. Who can actually speak better spanish than you can… that’s saying something. Who will strike up conversations with kind strangers in Cafés with you. Who are patient and laugh when you get lost in your own city. Who are always up for another adventure. Who will quote the heck out of “She’s The Man” with you. Who show excitement in all thing you can’t wait to show them. Who will listen to you ramble and get excited when you do. Who are smart and so interesting to listen to. Who have great taste in shoes haha;) Who will fly with you, laugh with you, skip with you, or silently smile with you. Oh! and who bring you girl scout cookies (even though your brother ate them… ). heartsHearts Caitlin I’m so happy you came and that we were able to dance around Barcelona in our Valentines outfits!! There may not be quite as much love filling the city now that you’ve gone home!!
Tessa Lynn

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Caitlin Menzel April 10, 2013 at 11:56 pm


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