Heal Clicking in Skirts. Best Choice You’ll Ever Make.

by Tessa on April 9, 2013

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Dots & FloralsSince Easter, there has been a major influx of tourists and it’s been fun to walk around and think “Hey! that’s myyy language!!”  I’ve met so many people on the metro and in stores recently from all over America! I was sitting in a cafe with a friend and we met the kid at the table across from us who graduated high school early and has been couch hopping through Europe for the past 3 months by himself. He’s been to 15 countries and I couldn’t help but be a little jealous of all the things he’s seen and done!  However, I do have to admit that on a few occasions I’ve thought okay okay you tourists! This is my city so stop taking all the seats on the metro and stopping every two seconds on the sidewalk!! But, well, you know, flash back to reality… I’m an American too and as a blogger, I probably look like a tourist on steroids posing for photos all over the place!!! Hence the tree pose.Dots & FloralsDots & FloralsDots & FloralsDots & FloralsDots & FloralsDots & Florals As As I’ve picked up blogging again recently, I’ve been having more fun with my posts by going outside my comfort zone and ignoring the stares of passer-bys<<you know what I mean. The other day, I was standing in front of a cute painted shop and I could see the people through the screen looking at me and copying my poses. Understandably, I started feeling really awkward!! But instead of walking away red-faced, I looked at them, smiled, winked, and waved. They laughed and I laughed and we both went back to what we were doing. Thus, when I was heal-clicking in my skirt (which IS possible! proof right here baby!!) the weird looks I got didn’t phase me:) Also, if you’re worried, heal-clicking in pencil skirts will rip them! It does not!! Hurrah!  …but then again this skirt is mended heavily up one side from a previous rip… BUT that one wasn’t my fault!!  Outfit Details:: Shirt-Thrifted :: Skirt & Shoes-Anthropologie :: Tights-Calcedonia :: Coat-Kling
I wish you wonderful weather and durable skirts for all the heal-clicking I know you want to do! Let’s all take to the streets:)
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

Awkward Girls

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Mollie May 18, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Your tights are to die for and work so perfectly with those shoes. I love your joyful spirit:)

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