Montpellier, France. Possibly My New Favorite Place.

by Tessa on March 29, 2013

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MontpellierWhen Laurel was here, we sat our booties on a train and rode up to Montpellier, France. It was my first time in France and I loved it! It will not be my last time, I assure you. Before we went, we pinpointed all the places we wanted to go and divided them up into the three days that we were going to be there. Buuuut when we arrived, the center of Montpellier was smaller than we had believed and we basically saw everything in one day!! We spent the next two days just walking up and down the streets and marveling at the architecture (my favorite part about traveling anyways) and sitting in the park, people watching and listening to the beautiful language and the street music!!MontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellier^^^Just because that’s what tourists do.:)MontpellierMontpellier^^So we ate everything we saw! And Oh. My. Gosh. People tell you the French make good food… they don’t lie!! Okay guys, these were sooooo good! We bought 20. Fact. The woman we purchased them from said they were traditional for the South of France… I want to live there now just for the food.MontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellierMontpellier Living in Spain has helped me discover that traveling is a passion of mine. I love to wander up and down the streets and I even like getting lost because you happen upon things you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. I love looking up and admiring the architecture and the different lifestyle these people have. Since the central plaza area of Montpellier is small, we saw some of the same people each day like the homeless man who shred on the guitar or the little girls who sat at the metro station and pinched three euros from us. But it’s okay, they needed it more than I did and I give them credit for their craftiness. Laurel and I were figuring out the metro ticket machine and one girl came over to help us and we thanked her and proceeded to put our money in the machine when 5 other girls ran over and began arguing that we were about to buy the wrong ticket (I believe) and started to repurchase the ticket and the whole time the girls were putting our coins in and out of the machine and passing them down until they ended up in someones pocket. It was so sudden and Laurel and I were so overwhelmed! When we realized what they were doing, Laurel turned to the first girl and said “no”. The girl then turned to her friend and put on a sassy face and pointed her finger at her and said “madam no!” It was so funny! I honestly was laughing the whole time because I realized I was the ignorant tourist and I had no clue where the 3 coins were! Plus those girls had such great teamwork! So I just stepped back and watched and laughed at myself and wished those girls a tasty meal. My other favorite moment was when we realized there actually was an elevator in our Motel and we didn’t have to keep walking to the 7th floor. In short, I loved the alleys and the cute shops up and down them. I loved the older woman we met on the metro who was excited to practice english with us and who had lipstick on her teeth which made her even more adorable! I loved the street crépes and waffles and baguettes with sauce and fries inside. I loved how McDonald’s was full to the brim and overflowing with people when the delicious local restaurants weren’t half as full (I think they need to try an In N’ Out burger;) I loved the train ride and the views. I love the iron rimmed balconies with plants dripping from them. I love the more public lifestyle- taking the metro, walking everywhere, buying your groceries at the store right below the apartment. Basically, I love culture and how it changes everywhere you go.
Tessa Lynn

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Marlen March 30, 2013 at 4:04 am

ohhh my gosh, that architecture! i don’t think i’d be able to stop taking pictures of those beautiful buildings- they’re all so charming and special. i’d be absolutely smitten with that whole city. and yummm i’d spend all my money on that food! i’d eat everything in sight too haha ;)

xo Marlen
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