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by Tessa on March 25, 2013

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friendsAbout a month ago, Laurel, one of my best friends from California, crossed the seas for a visit! ‘Twas probably the best two weeks, watching late night movies, sleeping in the attic room with mounds of pillows and blankets, walking through the city until our feet were sore, checking out the too short Spanish boys, and eating grilled cheese sandwiches with jam on top. Everyday. It was so exciting to share this city that I’ve come to love so much with a person that I love so much!! After Skyping for 6 months, I felt so antsy waiting in the airport for Laurel; when she came out of the terminal, she sent her rolling suitcase cruising down the hallway when we hugged! It was pretty quiet at the airport so while everyone around us seemed like zombies, our excitement and smiles made us stick out like a sore thumb (which would imply pain… metaphors aren’t my forte).
reunitingfriendsfriendsAlthough she was only here for two short weeks, it reminded me of how grateful I am for friends who are there for you whether you’re separated by a puddle or an ocean. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I can attest to that! As I was going through our photos after she left, I was laughing at how few serious pictures we had taken! We haven’t changed much… we’re still the same goofs who stretched out and lay on the grass, soaking in the sun during lunch and heal clicking in the hallways!!friends While she was here, we spent the majority of our time walking through the endless alleys and winding streets in the center of Barcelona. Even after living here for months I still get lost!BarcelonaBarcelona

One evening, on our way back to the metro, I took us down a particular street that I thought would take us to our destination but it turned into a chain of alleys that took us in a very large and confusing circle. I asked a woman in Spanish where Plaça Catalunya was and she responded in English, “Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.” It was great. But the greatest part was that I thought we were in a completely foreign area but after simply looking across the street, I realized we were only a street away from the metro!! Gah.BarcelonaIn the Gotic area of central Barcelona, where we spent a lot of our time wandering, there’s a marvelous cathedral and all around it are street performers, many of whom are extremely talented!! Every time we left the house we made sure we had some change in our pockets to give them. Our favorite thing to do was sit, talk, and people watch while listening to the music.
On Left: So I have a huge thing for Brazilian Jazz. Laugh if you want, but I’m a jazzy girl and this guy was singing my favorite song! And he was good. Really good. I closed my eyes and felt my hips sway and I would’ve let go and moved with the music had there not been 500+ people walking around the plaza.
On Right: These guys were mostly singing American songs and they were fantastic! We loved being able to identify the songs they sang, like Clocks by Coldplay, but our favorite was Falling Slowly. We went home and picked up our guitars because we wanted to be as cool as them… yeah no. We were in the cathedral when we heard guitars and we followed the noise out one of the side doors where we found them with a small crowd. We stayed for close to an hour and watched as the crowd grew and even as it began to shrink until the guys packed their stuff Also, it was freezing! You could call us dedicated fans!

friendsNote: I want just feel like I should inform you that I love the above photo… but I might love the below photo more. It didn’t quite work out but that’s what makes it amazing. It could possibly be my favorite.friendsWe also dragged my dad around with us on some days to be our personal photographer heh. He likes playing around in photoshop so in La Plaça Catalunya, Laurel and I had fun dancing around and being his models for some stop motion photos. You can check out the fun video he made!!

In short, I’d like to say that I’m grateful for this friend of mine.
friendsFor her serious side and her fun side. friends That she’ll listen when I need ears to hear me or she’ll talk when I don’t feel like doing so. friends I’m grateful that she laughs when what I say may or may not actually be funny. friends Laurel raises me up. She makes me feel like I can fly. And I know that if I do, she’ll be by my side in the air.friends Or on the ground, arm in arm.friends She’s a keeper. As my mom would say, she’s a “bridesmaid friend.” I was sorry to see her go so soon but time will fly just as it always does and soon we’ll be flying together again. friendsfriendsfriends So thank you Laurel, for being my friend, in America, in Spain, and wherever the future will take us. I love you and I’m grateful for you. Devoted to you, Tessa Lynn

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M&K March 27, 2013 at 2:39 am

Sounds like it was an amazing time! Loving the photo of you girls doing high-fives in the air! That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

deana March 25, 2013 at 11:46 pm

awww visits from friends are the best! its nice you kept in touch and she was able to visit you. Looks like you both had fun :D
-deana, from birds&oxfords

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