A Chalkboard Door aka Lafawnduh-izing My Room

by Tessa on December 19, 2012

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Chalkboard Door My room is about as boring as a room can get. Since we leave in June/July, anything we buy has to either fit in our suitcases or it will be left behind. All I have in my room is my bed (even my bedding came with the apartment we’re renting), my closet, and the clothing inside it. It’s a dry, boring, odd, and sad looking room, if it were a person, it would probably be Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. I decided I need to follow the footsteps of Lafawnduh and give my Kip-like room a makeover… only a really, really, really, cheap makeover. You know, with out all the golden bling.
Anyways, on a walk with my dad, we found a door on the sidewalk (the Spaniards leave the furniture they’re getting rid of on the street for other people to take or the garbage truck to pick up) so we brought it home and washed it up. I decided to turn it into a chalk board because they’re so classy and because I plan to fill it with Spanish vocabulary and conjugations; I’m a visual learner.
There are about three other layers of paint beneath so we started sanding it by hand to let it show through but it was a laborious job… and very messy, I mean LOOK at my hair!! So we borrowed a sander from one of our neighbors and it worked MUCH better. *sigh of relief. Chalkboard Door We taped the inner edges of the door and painted the inside with chalkboard paint. I was originally going to make my own chalkboard paint by using these directions but I decided to take the simpler route this time. I do however plan to make my own in the future because you can make it in any color!!Chalkboard DoorI let my door dry for a few days then slated it by drawing over it then wiping it off. It was a super easy, cheap, and fun project, everything I needed!! We’ve picked a few other things off the street like a headboard and some particle boards so I plan to make a few more projects as well!! Sadly i’ll have to return these things to the street again in June or July BUT whoever picks them will be one happy person:)
Chalkboard DoorChalkboard Door

Do you have any cheap ideas on how to spruce up a room!?
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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