The Diary of a Photo-Wrecker

by Tessa on November 26, 2012

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It’s been a busy week… we had a plumber busting up our bathroom and giving me a splitting headache (he was a pleasant guy, I just didn’t enjoy his company as much as I would have if he was only there for 2 hours, not 10). I finished my college applications and had schoolwork to catch up on. I started getting sick. The internet connection was temporarily down and we didn’t leave the apartment too much. Also… I watched a few too many episodes of The Office. SO, when we left for the day yesterday, I was antsy for fresh air and had a heck of a lot of energy. And … what do you do when you’ve been really bored for the past week and suddenly have all this energy and are in a really weird mood? You revert to childish ways! And you jump on bridges and bomb every photo!!

CadaquésCadaqués These photo bombed pictures are honestly never-ending! {Side effect: some people may give up posing (cute Millie) when they know you aren’t taking anything seriously. However, some may join you and therefore you can call yourself a trendsetter (Silas)! Woot Woot!} When my mom was going through these photos, she goes “Tessa! Are you serious in any of these!?” It was funny.CadaquésCadaqués Basically, we Davidson kids aren’t super camera shy. Honestly, we’re over-posers… if that’s a thing.CadaquésCadaquésCadaquésMy family, I love them.CadaquésCadaqués Outfit details: Jacket-Goodwill (American Rag) :: Ruffled Sweater-Goodwill (Charlotte Russe) :: Pink Sweater-Mom’s (United Colors of Benetont) :: Floral Sweater-Anthropologie :: Shirt-Thrifted (Free People) :: Pants-eh..idk :: Hat-Once worn by a beloved grandma when she had cancer.

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Lisa December 1, 2012 at 8:04 pm

I love these photos! So fun
Acting goofy in photos is one of my favourite things to do :)

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