The Spanish Countryside

by Tessa on November 21, 2012

in Spain, Trips & Travels

Spanish Countryside Spanish Countryside Spanish Countryside Spanish Countryside Spanish CountrysideSmell that? Yah, that’s fresh air. Oh! How wonderful it was to really breathe. No offense Barcelona, but I feel like my nose is always under attack (walking through the fumes of multiple cigarettes at one time, little dogs taking care of business of the sidewalk, car exhaust, construction). Barcelona is beautiful to the eyes… but not the nose. Now excuse me as I cough and make an ugly face.

Also, have you ever been somewhere where you just want to lie on the ground for hours? Somewhere quiet, somewhere slightly windy but with a strong, warm sun. Somewhere peaceful and preferably pedestrian free (or for that matter, vacant of any human beings at all… even siblings but sshh). Side not: I love the ground. I really like laying on it… it’s probably one of my favorite things to do. Anyways, for me, my sacred place has always been the beach in late fall through early spring when the tourists clear the sands and it’s just me and the crashing waves. Well, I’ve found an equivalent… the Spanish countryside. Especially at sunset (last photo). I am going to go to bed now and dream of both the coast and the country.

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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