Desolate Towns

by Tessa on November 20, 2012

in Spain, Style, Trips & Travels

Spanish Countryside As I mentioned in a previous post, the towns are desolate! They’re like ghost towns. A woman we spoke with said that when the youth grow up, they leave home and their parents or grandparents grow old and pass away and a whole town is left in the hands of only a few tenants. It’s quite sad really! Some of the houses are pretty when they’re abandoned but others just look dismal and creepy. I have a second post for tomorrow with just pictures of the gorgeous country side we drove through and the little towns tucked away in the valleys so… stay tuned! Spanish CountrysideSpanish Countryside Spanish Countryside As we were driving through the small towns, we found one that had multiple empty warehouses. Inside the warehouses, were wooden crates stacked in every corner and broken tractors and other coroded tools on the edges of the fields. My favorite building however, was on the outskirt of town with its multiple towering, rusted grain hoppers (at least… um that’s what I think they are). Spanish Countryside The valleys we drove through were also crisp with autumn leaves. The chilly breeze combined with the warm sun made it a perfect day! It was a relief to leave our big, urban city for a little while and smell the fresh air. I’ve been playing around with layers for the past few weeks now and so today I wore:
two thrifted jackets, a thrifted shirt (H&M), my pants from Germany, and my favorite shoes (Coolway) that were also from Germany but made in Spain. Spanish Countryside Today was gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn