What’s The Story Behind Each Vintage Piece!?

by Tessa on November 19, 2012

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So basically I have a passion for finding little vintage shops wherever we go and seeing what treasures they hold! I know some people think it’s weird to wear things second hand but it’s my favorite, especially when they’re years old. At a vintage shop in LA, I once found a gorgeous vintage prom dress that had a name hand stitched to the inside, Helen. Although I didn’t purchase it, I liked to think about this Helen girl and how her night was when she wore that dress however many years ago. Was she the talk of the night in that gorgeous dress of hers? Could her date not take his eyes of her?

In Vienna, Austria, I purchased my two glasses at a cute vintage shop called Little Joe’s Gang (isn’t that so cute!?) and I love them! I like to wonder who’s nose they sat on before mine, what they saw when they were wearing them, and how they ended up in the shop I purchased them at! It may sound weird but when I die, I’d somehow like to hunt these people down and say where did you travel while you were wearing these glasses, what did you read, how many years did you have them?


I’d also like to know who wore those interesting sunglasses!?
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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Bonni! :D November 24, 2012 at 1:21 am

Haha Tessa…aww I very much enjoy reading about your adventures and life in Spain!!! Miss you and will continue to stalk you on here now;)

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