Fashionable Trash (aka Trashion)

by Tessa on November 17, 2012

in Barcelona, Shops, Spain

Vaho Bags Vaho is a company based in Barcelona that takes old billboard signs that would otherwise have been thrown away and turns them into hip new bags. They’re part of a fashion movement referred to as Trashion, recycling old and unused materials into something new and fashionable.Vaho Bags I fell in love with these bags the minute I laid eyes on them!┬áNo two bags are the same, if you buy one, it’s yours and ONLY yours! They only have stores in Barcelona but lucky for you, you can purchase one on their website if you like:) You can also create your own Vaho bag online by selecting the banner and model you want!!

Vaho Bags Vaho Bags Vaho Bags Vaho Bags

I love these bags, they make me want to be innovative and run my own highly unique and successful business!
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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