Millie&Me: Monastery Style

by Tessa on November 10, 2012

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2 Yesterday, we, the Davidson clan, hopped in a rental car and drove up to the Monserrat Monastery. It’s a popular tourist attraction and was truly stunning. I loved hearing people speaking English once again!! And by golly, Americans are loud. You can hear their voices over everyone else’s. AND they even laugh loud! A woman was chuckling at my brother Silas as he was jumping around, and my mom and I were guessing that she was American; sure enough, she’s from Washington State! It was a relief to be around people that are as loud and animated as we are:)Monastary

MonasteryThe view from the Monastery was breathtaking!! Although there was a crisp, chilly wind that made our fingertips numb, the rays from the bright autumn sun were heavenly. (Sigh) As we waited for the monastery to open, we sat, bathing in the sun’s rays and admiring the towering and beautiful rocky mountains. Sometimes, I wish I could live in the hills and have a view of the valley. I’d wake up and watch the sunrise and the fog as it crawls towards the ocean. Dreamy, right?MonasteryMonasteryLiving in a foreign country and having no social life (or at least compared to the one I had in CA) means spending a lot of time with family. Yes, sometimes my siblings do drive me crazy; but more frequently, we get along fantastic! So, because it’s November and a time to reflect on all the blessings we have, I’m grateful that I live in Spain and for the opportunity to spend a plethora of time with my family before I head off to college. Therefore, I have dedicated part of this post to my sister, Miss Millie.MonasteryLet’s talk about Mills for a second: she loves to sing (and in this area, she’s the most talented of her siblings). ¬†She has a green thumb and dreams of building a little greenhouse. She’s always optimistic and easy to please.MonasteryMonasteryAlso, Millie is very photogenic. I love to snatch my dad’s fancy camera and use her as my model. Patiently, she lets me boss her around left and right as I practice snapping photos at different angles and settings and I as I try to show her how to do the same.Monastery I hope you’re having a wonderful November, thinking of all the beauty that life has to offer! I’m so excited thats it’s getting chillier and the time has come to wear scarves and layers and drink gourmet hot chocolate made from grated chocolate and chocolate hazelnut butter e v e r y d a y (are we feeling the chocolate vibe yet?)
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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Tami Holmes November 12, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Okay, you’re killin me Tess! These pics are AMAZING and I am so appreciating seeing Spain through your adventures. Everything about your blog makes me smile :) Keep it up beauty! xo

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