Tea With Departed Strangers

by Tessa on November 5, 2012

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Cemetery I don’t often wander into graveyards just for the fun of it. BUT, I mean, when you live in a different country, then your life is filled with things you haven’t and normally wouldn’t do. I was actually quite delighted when we walked into this cemetery on the Costa Brava. It was different, and therefore intriguing! Cemetery Rather than buried deep in the ground, like in the graves in America, these people were buried . . . well–take a look! It’s kind of eerie to think that there’s a body lying RIGHT in front of you!! Not just one, but walls and walls of bodies! It makes me wonder, what did these people do? Who were they? Professional ballerinas, rich spoiled playboys, spinsters with too many cats? And what were their passions? Were any of them Mary Margaritas?  Were they fashionistas? Could I somehow, some way be distantly related to one of them? Could I even, through some strange turn of events, end up in this exact graveyard!? Probably not. But still. Fun to wonder! I’d like to sit down and have a cup of tea and hear the life stories and lessons of these long-gone strangers. Cemetery Anyways, my point is that sometimes it’s really fun to go places you normally wouldn’t. To explore the unadventured path! I love seeing new things and delving into the Spanish culture. Maybe when we head into France, we’ll go see some French cemeteries . . . Cemetery I also thought this little cemetery was perfectly placed. Where better to build a cemetery than in the middle of a gorgeous field, tucked back in a quiet little town. Cemetery Cemetery Both the cemetery and the field were vacant and peaceful. It was filled with flowers, so miss Millie, my darling little sister, and I had a tender moment flower-ing my hair. I loved this field just as much as I loved the cemetery. I could have stretched out and napped in the middle of it. The breeze was gentle and slightly chilly. The wind chimes by the cemetery gate sounded a soft melody. I could imagine that the rich old men, fashionistas, and spinsters were all very content with their garden and quiet resting place. I would be too… but I’m not quite ready yet and of course I won’t be for a while;)

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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