Kokua (aka The Shoes I Wish to Die In)

by Tessa on November 3, 2012

in Barcelona, Shoes, Shops

Kokua Quite a few months back, before my family had even considered moving to Barcelona, my mother and I were in raptures over a post about Kokua on Design Mom‘s blog.  Fast forward to a few days ago, during one of our many walks through the city.  My mom and I turned a corner, and the very boutique we had been dreaming about for months stood right before us!! I must have done something good in life because my karma was at its maximum capacity, I believe!! Kokua I love love LOVE that there are a million designs of the same simple shoe in every color, pattern, texture, and material! OH that I could have a pair for every day of the year!! The only problem would be picking which pair would be on my feet the day I die, for I would be a happy angel with any one of those pairs!! Unfortunately, they don’t sell shoes online but if you go to their Facebook page here, you can see more photos of these marvelous shoes and may consequently decide to come visit Spain!! Kokua

As my mother so eloquently put it in her blog post about these shoes, “Move over, Dorothy. Your ruby slippers are so last century.”

Provecho! Tessa Lynn

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