Kate Made My Day. We’re Vintage Friends.

by Tessa on November 3, 2012

in Barcelona, We're Vintage Friends

1 Compliments make everyone’s day. EVERYONE’S!! I know, I’m right–you don’t even have to tell me! Plus, it’s the best way to meet new people! I know from experience… if you offer someone a compliment, then you can ask their name and even chat a little longer! Sometimes they’ll even give you a compliment in return! Soon, you know everything about them, like, that they have three fish and that they like wearing only one sock to bed, which is such a coincidence, because you do too!!  (Also, ladies! This is a great tip if you see some attractive fella! Just casually tell him you like his shirt, or what not, and there you have it! A love connection!!;)

Anyways, the point of my little tangent is simply that a fellow vintage loving girl made my day!!! My family and I were biking through some gorgeously narrow side streets in downtown Barcelona.  We had stopped by a fountain and were about to start pedaling again before we were stopped by this cute girl. After asking if I spoke spanish (which frankly I do not… at least not enough to hold a lengthy conversation), she proceeded to tell me in a beautiful English accent that she loved the shape, material, and style of my tunic. She explained that her name was Kate and she was from Oxford, England and loves recreating unique pieces! So, I told her that I’m from California but living here for a year and that I had picked my tunic up from a vintage store in L.A.! She pulled out her iPhone and asked if it was okay to take a picture of me so she could see if she could recreate my tunic. Of course I obliged and in return, my mom snapped a photo of both Kate and me. After we set off again on our bikes, I kept smiling because Kate had made my day with her compliment!! I thought, “Why can’t everyone be like Kate and be brave enough to compliment the people they see on the streets?” So… it got me to thinking, there are sooo many times I see someone on the street and admire what they’re wearing. I’m thinking it would be fun to have my own street style column, but rather than just taking photos of others, I’d take photos with them! It’d be a fun opportunity to get to know other people, make them feel great about their style, and learn about their favorite stores, which I could hit up!:)

Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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Ashleigh November 3, 2012 at 10:51 pm

Tessa! Ahhh you sound like you’re having an amazing time and obviously doing great things. Your dress is amazing (and the pin!). I can’t wait to see more of your blog. Please, please, please do the street style shots.
From a fellow vintage fashion lover,

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