Trend Spotting: Mustaches

by Tessa on November 2, 2012

in Style

My Mustache Man Mustache Man Pin Yes, it’s always fun to follow trends and be “trendy.” However, personally, I like finding or wearing things that make me feel unique, or maybe even a setter of trends!! But, how could I resist following the new mustache trend when I came across this absolutely DARLING pin at a Flea Market!? I believe the man on my brooch is the epitome of “the mustache man” that has become so fashionable of late! And what a coincidence–it was when on a walk through the city that I saw a girl in a mustache t-shirt and another in a mustache dress!! However (and I’m going to let my ego take over for a second), I thought my mustache was the cutest;) If I’m going to follow trends . . .  I might as well try to be slightly original! Right??
Mustache Man PinOutfit details: tunic- Shareen Vintage, Leggings- Banana Republic, Shoes- Germany, Glasses- vintage shop in Vienna

Mustache Man Pin Mustache Man Pin I haven’t been up to par on blogging lately. I’ve gotten sick… TWICE in the past 3 weeks!! I think there’s something suspicious in the Barcelona air. That or my immune system’s weak due to my recent lazy streak, but sshhh. I hope you keep checking in:)
Provecho!! Tessa Lynn

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